Hot Bonders

Whether you need the HB-1, industry's smallest, most powerful and economical hot bonder for curing composite repairs, or the HB-2, the world's hottest hot bonder; you will receive a Wichitech portable composite repair system that sets industry standards for ease of operation, safety, reliability and value.

Non Destructive Testing Device (Tap Hammer)

The RD³ (Rapid Damage Detection Device) is a hand held, low cost non-destructive inspection instrument that can be used to detect voids, degradation, and delaminations in composite structures. No more tapping with a coin in a noisy environment for questionable results.

Thermocouple Welder

The high arc temperatures generated by the Weld-X™ easily fuse all standard thermocouple materials, including platinum and tungsten. Wires can be welded in pairs in gages of #20 or finer, and individually for gauges as heavy as #16.


Click on a Product to view details. ** We support Applied Heat and Pyrobond hot bonders and equipment. **

About WichiTech

From the beginning, the idea behind WichiTech Industries, Inc. was to design and manufacture simple, safe, reliable and value packed composite repair systems that would do your job as we do ours - with quality and customized care. WichiTech has maintained our founding principles with a unique customer-focused program that sets us apart and above the competition. We would like to count you among our satisfied customers.

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Cost Saving

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Optimal Speeds

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Customer Service

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