About WichiTech Industries, Inc.

WichiTech Industries, Inc.

About WichiTech

From the beginning, the idea behind WichiTech Industries, Inc. was to design and manufacture simple, safe, reliable and value packed composite repair systems that would do your job as we do ours – with quality and customized care. In a world where excellence and economy don’t often coincide, WichiTech has maintained our founding principles with a unique customer-focused program that sets us apart and above the competition.

We start with high quality construction and attention to detail that translate into top product performance. You’ll notice the difference on the job. In design and in construction, we make sure to keep our repair systems, equipment and accessories simple to operate, durable, user-friendly, and problem free. We concentrate on advancing the industry’s technology while maintaining our product’s traditional ease of use.

Large enough to be on the cutting edge in research, engineering and development, small enough to provide individualized service and fast turn-around, WichiTech balances its strengths to produce the best bonder and bonding equipment for your budget. Features that are costly extras on competitor’s systems come as economical standard components on the WichiTech ever-expanding product line.

Since the company’s founding, we have enjoyed steady, long term growth and increasing sales. We take pride in that accomplishment but, more important, we take note of what that achievement reflects: customer satisfaction. With a customer base that includes the military and commercial sectors and ranges from large, sophisticated operations to small repair shops, we meet a wide variety of client needs and requirements.

We would like to count you among our satisfied customers.