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Accessories For All Your Repair System Needs

Superior & Innovative Accessories by WichiTech Industries to Complement All Your Repair System Needs

Be it pipes or aircraft parts, structures constructed with the best of material and engineered sensibility are not immune to wear and tear. There might be corrosion. There might be breaches and dents. And there might be unseemly scratches that gradually affect strength and integrity of the unit. Under such circumstances corrective measures are essential to ensure the safety where the structure is installed and its optimal contribution to the process it serves.

WichiTech Industries Inc. is a market leader in the domain of portable composite repair systems. Crafted keeping in mind the rigorous needs of the job, the systems are a fine balance of cutting edge technology, economy and robustness. Many industries depend on WichiTech kits and accessories to conduct emergency repair exercises that stall the need for costly and inconvenient replacements.

Some WichiTech Industries Inc. Repair Accessories:

Composite repair kits are comprehensive unto themselves. But there are a couple of accessories that help take their effectiveness up a notch and are highly recommended by domain experts who can re-create ideal repair conditions without the laboratory set-up.

  1. Heating Blankets – WichiTech heating blankets come in a number of varieties. There are standards sheets as well as custom formations for 3D objects of awkward shapes. These heating blankets are guaranteed to maintain a uniform temperature profile over a given area to assist curation of repair agents as needed.
  1. Portable Vacuum Pump Kits – WichiTech Vacuum pump kits are small yet powerful. They prove useful in sucking away air and particulate matter that might negatively impact the repair process by chemically reacting with the deposited agents and strengtheners.

WichiTech also stocks printers, student training kits and vacuum accessories to assist the restoration to operational condition of units made of carbon, boron, and even Kevlar. Please get in touch with us at 800.776.4277 to learn more about our catalogue of products.