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Why customization matters when it comes to heating blankets

When it comes to composite curing applications, they often require blankets that can resist chemicals, moisture, and abusive treatment. They need to heat-up gradually and maintain steady temperature maintenance and uniform heat distribution.

In all areas of manufacturing, products often need to be produced to meet certain specifications — because not all projects are created equal. The difference between purchasing products that come in limited sizes and specifications versus buying custom made is phenomenal. In fact, whether you’re a consumer, a retailer, or a manufacturer, sometimes custom-made is crucial.

The same holds true for hot bond composite repair systems and their accessories. All needs and applications are not the same. And when you’re in need of a silicon heating blanket, being able to purchase one custom designed and engineered to your exact specifications can be of great benefit.

We realize many of you have size and shape requirements that go beyond basic. While we stock basic, commonly-ordered sizes of our high-quality silicone rubber heating blankets from 6×6 inches through 18×18 inches, we can also make round blankets, blankets smaller or larger than the in-stock products, and even shaded blankets, where the heat is applied more to one specific area, rather than another (often necessary when performing cures in areas where heat sinking my occur). Custom-molded radome blankets are also available for those in the aircraft industry.

You deserve custom work for your composite repair– so think about it the next time you need blankets for a project.

WichiTech Goes to Europe

What our long-term customers have come to know is that at WichiTech, we design and manufacture the highest quality Hot Bonding Composite Repair Systems at an incredible value, and have been doing so for years. What our European customers will be happy to learn is that they can now get them even faster and for less money than in the past. We are very excited to announce our new partnership with Aerotecs nv, located in Lummen, Belgium, which will be our center for European distribution and recalibration.

Through this distribution agreement, Aerotecs nv will be Europe’s place to buy WichiTech’s Hot Bonder Composite Repair Systems, blankets, and all accessories. In addition, they will be providing warranty and non-warranty repair work. What this means is that you no longer have to send the products back to the U.S, thus providing a much faster turnaround and lower shipping costs and customs fees. We will be providing full training for operating our equipment, both at Aerotecs’ location and yours.

Aerotecs nv has a long history in Belgium of being a full-service provider of other aviation ground support equipment. So you can remain confident that we are dealing with a company that is as reputable and experienced as ours.

For private, military, corporate, or commercial aircraft, and companies large and small, you’ve trusted in our Composite Repair Systems for years, and now it’s that much easier for you to enjoy their quality. We look forward to this mutually-beneficial partnership, and to continuing to bring the best to our customers in Europe.

WichiTech Loves Bonding With Clients at Trade Shows!

In the B2B world, sometimes it’s difficult to remember that when it comes down to the nuts and bolts of doing business with other businesses, there are people driving everything we do. People design and engineer new technology, make decisions to buy, and collaborate to create solutions that work for their businesses and industries.

In 2013, business is conducted either over the Internet or on the phone in most cases. While the online world certainly does make things a lot easier, nothing can compare to the advantages of doing business face-to-face with clients. That’s why WichiTech Industries attends trade shows each year. We believe there are many advantages for us, and for our clients in attending these shows:

  • We get to know the people behind RFQs and orders.
  • We receive helpful feedback in a face-to-face setting.
  • We meet new people and get to hear their ideas and plans.
  • We stay on top of the technology trends and changes in our industry.
  • We’re able to offer hands-on demonstrations of our composite repair equipment.

At the recent SAMPE (Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering) show in Charleston, South Carolina, we were able to display all of WichiTech’s composite repair equipment. Customers loved seeing our HB1008 — the smallest bonder in the business that is capable of handling the same jobs as much larger equipment.

We’re heading to Atlanta in April for the MRO Americas Aviation Week. Hopefully, we’ll see you there! But, in the meantime, stay tuned to our blog for more updates and information about our company, our products, and the people here at WichiTech Industries.

If we haven’t met already, we look forward to meeting you in person. Give us a call at 800-776-4277 to set up a time to get together in the near future – or at the next trade show!

Wichitech Industries, Inc. Proud to Announce the Launch of a New Blog

Wichitech Industries, Inc. has launched a new blog on this website! Check back here periodically for articles and news related to the company and to the industry at large.