Why customization matters when it comes to heating blankets

Heating Blankets

heating blanketsWhen it comes to composite curing applications, they often require heating blankets that can resist chemicals, moisture, and abusive treatment. They need to heat-up gradually and maintain steady temperature maintenance and uniform heat distribution.

In all areas of manufacturing, products often need to be produced to meet certain specifications — because not all projects are created equal. The difference between purchasing products that come in limited sizes and specifications versus buying custom made is phenomenal. In fact, whether you’re a consumer, a retailer, or a manufacturer, sometimes custom-made is crucial.

The same holds true for hot bond composite repair systems and their accessories. All needs and applications are not the same. And when you’re in need of a silicon heating blanket, being able to purchase one custom designed and engineered to your exact specifications can be of great benefit.

We realize many of you have size and shape requirements that go beyond basic. While we stock basic, commonly-ordered sizes of our high-quality silicone rubber heating blankets from 6×6 inches through 18×18 inches, we can also make round blankets, blankets smaller or larger than the in-stock products, and even shaded blankets, where the heat is applied more to one specific area, rather than another (often necessary when performing cures in areas where heat sinking my occur). Custom-molded radome blankets are also available for those in the aircraft industry.

You deserve custom work for your composite repair– so think about it the next time you need blankets for a project.