WichiTech Products Are Used By Many Industries!

A truly practical product can be used across a variety of fields with great results. From marine applications to automotive production and repair to wind energy industries, Wichitech testing and repair products are regularly used, with resounding success across many industries.

WichiTech Products Weld-X Spot Welder

Thermocouple materials such as platinum and tungsten need a welder with specific tolerances and may often need to be attached to alloys such as aluminum and titanium. The wind energy industry is one field that needs a product like the Weld-X Spot Welder that can work with the specific lightweight materials the industry uses. In the wind energy industry, weight equals resistance, which can mean a loss of efficiency if the correct materials are not used.

Composite Repair Systems

Lighter, stronger, and more corrosion-resistant than the standards WichiTech Products k1585317-our-cust-pagesuch as steel and aluminum, composite materials that combine a high-performance fiber in a matrix material are becoming exceedingly popular in automotive manufacturing, as well as marine uses such as on off-shore oil rigs, submarines and submersibles. Many of the naval vessels of the future will utilize a great deal of composite materials, creating a lighter, faster, yet more durable and damage-resistant vessel. Repairing these systems requires advanced hot bonding systems, and our HB-1 and HB-2 Composite Repair Systems will do the job.

RD3 Electronic Digital Tap Hammer

Of course, before you can make repairs, you need to be able to find where the damage is. Whether you’re suspended out on tWichiTech Products wind-turbine- our-cust- pagehe blade of a turbine on a wind farm, working in the busy engine room of a boat, or in a crammed automotive shop, you need a portable testing unit. Our tap hammer is lightweight and reliable, meaning that you can tote it to the furthest reaches of the wind farm or deep into the bowels of dock infrastructures.

Composite materials are poised to be a major part of industries and infrastructure well into the future. While they certainly have distinct advantages over standard materials, they are not infallible and will need testing and repairs over time. At Wichitech, we are ready to help you with your composite repair needs, whether you work in the marine, automotive, or wind energy industries or any other industries that are beginning to fall in love with the usefulness of composites. Talk to one of our staff today to see about our products and training!