RD3 Hammer : Diagnose Equipment Issues

RD3 Hammer

Diagnose Equipment Issues Fast With the RD3 Hammer at WichiTech

WichiTech has a cost-effective solution to detect voids, degradation, and delamination in composite structures. Our RD3 (Rapid Damage Detection Device) provides non-destructive testing for products with damage not visibly showing from the outside, but possibly containing damage to the core. Our device provides results that are accurate, easy-to-use, and essential to routine non-destructive testing.

You’re testing results will no longer be questionable. Our handheld device provides a numerical readout that clearly shows if there is delamination in the structure. If there is core damage, there could be condensation damage that you can’t see, thus causing the materials to crush.

Most mechanics perform a TAP test to listen for signs of damage by tapping on the surface of the material to listen for certain sounds in different areas. When using the RD3, testing can be done the same way – except easier! When performing testing using our handheld device, if the numbers start to increase, then you know there’s a problem with the composite materials.

When working in a repair facility, there’s lots of noise surrounding you. That’s why with the RD3 hammer, you don’t have to hear it – just read it!

At WichiTech, we get tons of questions each day regarding the functionality of composite structures. Now, you can answer your own questions and get results fast! Please read the products and services page on our website for an in-depth explanation of the RD3. And feel free to email our sales team at WichiTech@WichiTech.com for more details!