National Safety Month

National Safety Month 2016

Each year in June, the National Safety Council promotes National Safety Month. The goal of this event is to highlight the leading causes of injuries and death at work, on the roads, or even in our homes and communities. Many times these injuries and deaths can be avoided if the proper safety regulations or strategies are in place.

National Safety Month 2016

While promoting National Safety Month, the NSC makes available resources and promotional materials to help people understand the importance of safety. Areas covered by these materials include:

  • Compliance Training
  • Driver Safety
  • First Aid Training
  • Fleet and Specialty Vehicle Training
  • Workplace Safety

Even though June is National Safety Month, it is important year round to make sure safety is a priority. In the workplace it is a good idea to routinely have meetings to go over safety policies and procedures, as well as holding regular safety training courses to ensure all employees are properly trained.

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