Student Training Kits

Student Training Kits

Student Training Kits

At WichiTech, we offer student training kits, which provide power and vacuum for four repair training stations. We have three different types of student training kits:

  1. Kits with vacuum inputs and RD-3 tap hammer,
  2. Kits with only vacuum inputs, and
  3. Kits without vacuum inputs.

Each kit allows you to operate four different training repair stations off of one bonder. In other words, instead of purchasing four separate bonders, you’re able to operate four stations using the kit, which will save you money.

With the student training kit, each student will have his or her own blanket and will be able to program off of one bonder. We offer training in training composites, and we sell these kits to technical colleges and universities. We have separate training institutions that buy them in training composites and any kind of private training institution. When training in composite repairs, you use a bonder and apply the heat to the repair. Ordinarily, you would use one bonder per repair, but now, training institutions can buy only one bonder that can operate up to four stations as opposed to just one.

The alternative way to do this would be to purchase four bonders, since they are necessary to perform certain repairs. Normally, when this equipment is manufactured, it’s manufactured in an oven, which, of course, is a very large appliance, and then these pieces are all assembled. When they’re repaired, you can stick an aircraft back in an oven, and all you have to do is what we call a “spot repair” to the aircraft.

We’ve received a lot of positive feedback from technical schools about our student training kits. Schools are very budget conscious, and lately with the advent of using more composites on aircrafts and even things like cars that are starting to use composites, more people will need to be trained to repair these materials. With the right training, a sheet metal mechanic will be able to do composite repairs. Having those combined skills of sheet metal work and composite training will be valuable in the years to come.

For more information about our student training kits, please check out the following link on our company website.