STEM Education

The Importance of a STEM Education

In the aftermath of one of the greatest economic slowdowns since the Great Depression, it may come to many as a big surprise that there have been and still are many positions available to job-seekers out there. The problem is that these jobs have remained unfilled due to a lack of qualified candidates. Many higher-paying positions, which belie the common wisdom of a “jobless recovery”, are indeed awaiting these qualified candidates. But with a decided lack of properly educated workers, the nation’s employers are having a difficult time finding the right people for the job.

The kinds of skills necessary for the new economic landscape are generally acquired via a solid education in what is known as “STEM,” which is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. It is a decided lack of competence in these subject areas that is the reason behind many of the vacant jobs in America today. Unfortunately, the prospect of this situation improving over the near term is highly unlikely. Over the next few years (and perhaps longer) we will be faced with a crisis of potentially epic proportions if action on a national level is not undertaken.

Technology is now a given in almost every aspect one’s daily living and the workplace is certainly no exception. Being knowledgeable and competent in the area of STEM knowledge and skills has grown greatly in importance for an unexpectedly wide range of workers and professionals, many of whom, once upon a time, would have barely needed a high school education to be hired.

Properly educating students in STEM subjects prepares them for modern life, no matter the profession to which they aspire. Instruction in STEM helps them to learn how to think critically and to overcome challenges that are often encountered in the modern, high tech workplace.

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STEM Education