U.S. Manufacturing on the Rise

U.S. Manufacturing on the Rise

After experiencing the great recession, the United States economy is now rising. The U.S. manufacturing is starting to rise through the annual contribution of American factories, which summed up to around $2 trillion. This information was delivered Jay Timmons, National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) President to the Economic Club of Minnesota on his visit to Washington D.C. The Economic Club of Minnesota includes Cargill, Apogee, 3M Co., Ecolab, and Donaldson Co.

According to Timmons, Minnesota is the home of the most noticeable, robust and resilient manufactures nationwide.

With this, Minnesota factories are now reviving from the trip during the Great Recession despite some restrictions including crippling government regulations, trade policies, backed-up railways and ports, and collapsing roads. Fortunately, after terminating staffs and employees during the Great Recession, they are now hiring new people and give one in every state job.

With 88,000 workers and staffs all over the 70 countries, these manufacturers have 3 million global reach. Timmons commended several companies like Bloomington-based Apogee, manufacturer of architectural glass, and Graco, foam-spraying equipment and machine manufacturer for its expertise and great performances.

Similarly, Douglas Baker, Ecolab CEO, identify NAM as a “champion” in promoting U.S Manufacturers. Moreover, he recognized Timmons as “one of the top shakers and movers” in Washington D.C. Timmons was also credited for becoming persistent on promoting U.S. manufacturing and manufacturers on Capitol Hill.

In an interview, Timmons said that he is dedicated in sharing the industry’s challenges and success with the members worldwide. Aside from Minneapolis, he plans to visit 12 more countries on the next three weeks. These prospect countries include Texas, Alabama, Colorado, Washington state cities, Detroit, and Cleveland.

Besides his continuous success and accomplishments, Timmons also disclosed the fact that manufacturing sectors are facing significant challenges and changes. With this, he pleaded to factory heads to minimize broader trade policies, burdensome regulations. Instead, build and improve railways, ports and roads, and submit legislation with long-term U.S. manufacturers financing options.


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