Weld-X Thermocouple Spot Welder


Thermocouple Spot Welder

If you’re looking for an accurate, efficient and portable wire welding unit, look no further than the Weld-X Thermocouple Spot Welder. Made for spot welding and welding repairs, the high arc temperatures generated by the Weld-X can easily fuse all standard thermocouple materials. The Weld-X’s straightforward and uncomplicated setup allow for anyone to quickly be adept at using it.

The Weld-X has many advantages and features that make it an excellent choice for your spot welding and welding repair needs. Installation of it does not require skilled operators or prepared surfaces, and its size and weight make it one of the most conveniently sized units available in the market. It contains a rechargeable battery and integral charger which allows for numerous welds to be made without the need to connect to any outside power sources. Operation can also be powered from AC line voltage as well.

All standard thermocouple materials including platinum and tungsten can be easily fused by the Weld-X. The strongest welded surface connections are usually made by ferrous materials, but very suitable direct attachments can also be made to aluminum, titanium, copper, and other alloys. Field, shop and lab use are some of the most relevant areas where the Weld-X is useful. The size, portability and ease of use make it a great tool in these environments.

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