Wichitech Means High Performance

High Performance

High Performance

When it comes to composite repair systems, accuracy is of high-priority. At Wichitech, we’ve created a system that puts our customer first, and that includes high-quality construction, reliability, and top-of-the-line product performance.

Since 1986, we’ve been making the composite repair equipment that aviation giants like Bell Helicopter and Boeing rely on every day. A great example of why customers come back continuously is our popular WichiTech HB-2. The HB-2 is the world’s most reliable hot bonder, so customers are confident that their repairs will go quickly and smoothly. While we don’t do any actual repairs, our team of experts, including our engineering specialist David Junkin, will work with your employees on how to most-effectively use our equipment.

The world of composites is ever evolving, and WichiTech is constantly attending training programs to be able to offer the most up-to-date trends in technology. We don’t just service the aviation industry, the automotive and wind energy sectors also look to WichiTech for cost-effective and high quality repair equipment. In addition, our equipment is durable and reliable. In fact, we offer a unique and industry leading three-year warranty on all of our equipment.

If you have any questions about how WichiTech can make your aviation, automotive, or wind-power repairs cost-effective and accurate, please contact us today.

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