Heating Blankets

High quality silicone rubber heating blankets are available in almost any standard shape and size for use with the HB Series Composite Repair System. We can also custom make heating blankets to your size and shape specifications to accommodate almost any type of composite repair.

P/N Description SizeVoltage NSN
A4BLA0106" x 6" Heater Blanket Assembly6 x 6 in110 V4920-01-562-9200
A4BLA0118" x 8" Heater Blanket Assembly8 x 8 in110 V4920-01-563-3672
A4BLA00910" x 10" Heater Blanket Assembly10 x 10 in110 V4920-01-562-9281
A4BLA02012" x 12" Heater Blanket Assembly12 x 12 in110 V4920-01-563-5846
A4BLA02114" x 14" Heater Blanket Assembly110 VN/A
A4BLA02216" x 16" Heater Blanket Assembly16 x 16 in110 VN/A
A4BLA00618" x 18" Heater Blanket Assembly18 x 18 in110 VN/A
A4BLA00118" x 24" Heater Blanket Assembly18 x 24 in220 VN/A
A4BLA02920" x 20" Heater Blanket Assembly220 VN/A
A4BLA02822" x 24" Heater Blanket Assembly22 x 24 in220 VN/A
A4BLA02324" x 24" Heater Blanket Assembly24 x 24 in220 VN/A
A4BLA09736" x 36" Heater Blanket Assembly36 x 36 in220 VN/A
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