Weld-X™ Spot Welder for Spot Welding & Welding Repairs

The high arc temperatures generated by the Weld-X™ easily fuse all standard thermocouple materials, including platinum and tungsten. Wires can be welded in pairs in gages of #20 or finer, and individually for gauges as heavy as #16.

Welded surface connections to ferrous materials are generally the strongest and most easily made. However, very satisfactory direct attachments can be made to aluminum, titanium, copper, and zinc based alloys.

Weight6 1/4 Pound
Size (H x W x D)3 1/4" x 6" x 6 1/4"
Stored Weld Energy5 to 50 Watt seconds
Wire GaugeAll standard wire types between 16 and 30 gauge
Cycle TimeCan perform 5 to 10 welds per minute, depending on the energy setting
ControlsProvides energy adjustment control and visual and aural indication of weld charge and cycle completion
PowerWill operate from either AC line voltage or self-charging internal battery. Will perform several hundred welds on charged battery. 120 VAC 60 Hz standard. 220 VAC 50 Hz available upon request.
Industries ServedAerospace
Wind Engery