• Vacuum Accessories (11)

    Vacuum Accessories

    Vacuum Accessories: We support Applied Heat and Pyrobond hot bonders and equipment.

    Vacuum Generator Assembly

    Vacuum Flow Control Assembly

    Vacuum Sucker Assembly

    Vacuum Sucker with Liquid Gauge (with Certs)

    Vacuum Sucker with Liquid Gauge (with NO Certs)

    10′ Coiled Vacuum Hose Assembly

    20′ Coiled Vacuum Hose Assembly

    90-Degree Vacuum Fitting

    Insert Seal (Viton)

    Quick Connect, Female, 1/8″

    Quick Connect, Male, 1/8″

    vacuum pump kit

    Composites Repair System

    115 VAC Portable Vacuum Pump Kit

    220 VAC Portable Vacuum Pump Kit

    portable vacuum pump

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    thermocouple spot welder

    aircraft maintenance

    vacuum pump kit

    Composites Repair System

    Aerospace Industry

    Automotive Industry

  • Portable Vacuum Pump Kits (2)

    The convenient alternative to lugging around a heavy vacuum pump when shop vacuum isn’t available, the WichiTech Portable Vacuum Pump works with the compact HB-1 to provide a complete composite repair system. This pump is contained in a handsome nylon carry bag with power cord and vacuum hose. This pump can be ordered 110 volt, 60 Hz AC or 220 volt, 50 Hz.

  • Heating Blankets (12)

    High quality silicone rubber heating blankets are available in almost any standard shape and size for use with the HB Series Composite Repair System. We can also custom make heating blankets to your size and shape specifications to accommodate almost any type of composite repair.

  • Cable Assembly (4)

    Cable Assembly

    Cable Assembly

    Power in Cable Assembly with GFI 6150-01-563-3682
    A6PIC002 110 V Converter Cable Assembly


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  • Student Training Kits (3)

    Using the HB-1 for programming, the Student Training Kit provides power and vacuum for four repair training stations. Each kit comes with four each: vacuum hoses, thru-the-bag connectors, thermocouple assemblies, and 8″ x 8″ blankets-all connected to a power and vacuum distribution box.